How to Preview All Images at a Place in Google Drive

preview gdrive

Now you can preview several types of files that include videos, text, images and pdf in Google Drive that without opening. Google is rolling out a new preview feature that is very useful to pick your desired files without opening it. Mainly people are using cloud storage to store images. But Docs, Spreadsheets and thirdparty apps integration make this concept wrong at least in the case of Google Drive and Sky Drive.

preview gdrive

How to Preview Your Google Drive Stored Images

Right click on any image. If the new feature is available on your account, you can see a new Preview option. Click it to see the image preview. You can navigate away from your current preview image to the next one or previous one by simply clicking the left / right arrow mark.

You can preview multiple images on Google Drive too. For that click to expand the view all button on the bottom of the screen. It will show you the thumbnail view all images in the selected folder. You can easily navigate to your desired one by simply clicking the image. It is a time saver feature as it helps you pick the files you want easily from the hundreds of files.

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  1. For some reason it works for some accounts and doesn’t work for other accounts. How do I manually get it to any account which doesn’t have it?


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