How to Make Your Word Document Stand Out from the Crowd


Awesome fonts can do a lot in making your word document look different. Use some best fonts other than the default ones to make your word document stand out from the rest. To make a word document that looks different in the preview as well as on the print out, apply the below tips.

Tips to Make a Neat Looking Word Document

First download some better fonts. You can find some cool fonts here.

Prepare your document with proper spelling, margin setting and alignment.

Now the important part. Use the shortcut key Ctrl+D to open the “font” dialogue box. Click on the advanced tab. Here you can change the spacing between the alphabets or characters. Also you can change the font width dramatically here.

To increase or decrease the character gap in Word, click on the field “Spacing” and adjust the spacing.

To┬áincrease or decrease the font width click on the “Scale” field and change the value.

unique looking docs

See how dramatically your word document changes. This way you can make unique looking word document that is more clear to read and appealing.

You can extensively use this tips to make stylish resumes, letters etc.


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