How to Make Facebook Voice Call on Android


Unlike any other social networking services almost all of us have more friends on Facebook. We use Facebook for chatting with friends and share interesting things with them. So what about calling your Facebook friends from your android phone for free. A feature already available on Facebook iOS and Desktop. On Facebook on your desktop you can make free voice or video calls to your Facebook friends. The sound quality is also good. Now you can use your android phone too for making free Facebook calls.Voice call is now available on Facebook for Android but limited to US residents. We can expect the feature will globally be available soon!

FB android voice call

How to Make Free Voice Call On Facebook Using Your Android Phone

For making free Facebook voice call on android you need to install the official Facebook Messenger app. The app is totally free on Google Play. To initiate a voice call on Facebook android messenger app, just click the profile icon of any of your online friends and then tap “free call”. You can call VoIP call to other Facebook friends who has the app installed an enabled the feature. Free Facebook call on android is now available for all U.S. users. We can expect the update may be rolled out globally soon.

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