How to Keep WiFi Turned On During Sleep Mode on HTC and Samsung Android Phones

Android Jelly Bean

There are several settings on our Android where we must pay our attention but we rarely do. Android WiFi setting is one of the such area we have to take care of.

By default Android Phone’s WiFi connection automatically be turned off during sleep mode. It is to save the data plan when your phone is inactive. But it may not be ideal for many who enjoy an unlimited data plan and wants to keep always in touch with friends. They must want to keep the WiFi in on mode during sleep mode also.┬áIt is simple to keep your Android Phone’s WiFi connection in on mode.

Below you can find the quick tip to keep the WiFi in ON mode on HTC and Samsung Android Phones even in Sleep Mode.

Android Jelly Bean

Whether you are using an HTC phone or a Samsung Phone you can find the settings as below.

Settings->Wi-Fi->Menu->Advanced ->Keep Wi-Fi On During Sleep.

This way you can make your Android Phone’s WiFi turned on during sleep mode also. So your phone is always connected to the net.

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