How to Hide Unwanted Android Apps on Android ICS


There may be certain rhyme or reason for you to hide some android apps from the app drawer. It may be for hiding the apps from the view of prying eyes or hide the unwanted or rarely used apps. Whatever the reason it’s little tricky to hide the apps from the android app drawer. You may not find any option on your android ICS phone to hide apps. But you can hide any android apps on ICS with the help of few android launchers. I am introducing you two best and stylish android launchers that you can use to hide android apps.

What are Android Launchers?

Launchers Bring new flavors to your phone by providing customization options for android home screen. You can get latest android Jelly Bean feel on your ICS phone by simply applying a suitable launcher. A suitable android launcher will make your phone more polished.

How to Hide Android Apps on ICS?

hide android apps

Instead of providing you step by step tutorial, I’m introducing you two popular and free android launchers that bring the app hiding option on your Android ICS device.

Apex Launcher

It’s free and a very popular launcher for android 4.0.3 and up. This launcher bring Jelly Bean look to your phone. With the bunch of customization options it does provide the feature of hiding unwanted or non using apps on your android phone.

Nova Launcher

Another launcher for android coming with the option to hide android apps. It’s one of the quickest launcher and popular with its numerous customization options. We also suggest this launcher for Android 4.0+ devices.

Try any of the above launchers on your phone and get option to hide your unwanted android apps from the view of prying eyes.

Which launcher you prefer? Share in comments.


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