How to Get WhatsApp Profile Pictures of Your Friends on Android

full size whatsapp profile pic

Your WhatsApp friends’ photos can be saved to your Android device without much effort. To get your WhatsApp friends’ profile picture on your android, simply follow the below tips. The only requirement, if you are following this quick tip, is ES File Explorer installed on your phone. If not, install it from the Google Play link below.

ES File Explorer [Free]

Now get ready to get the WhatsApp profile photos. Open WhatsApp and go to the Contact info of the friend whose profile photo you want to get. Click on his profile picture to load it in full size. You are done. Now the photo is saved in a dedicated folder on your device. How to see the saved WhatsApp profile photos?

The next step is to exit from WhatsApp and run ES File Explorer. There go to the WhatsApp folder. The below screenshots will be come in handy.

ES-File-Explorer ES-File-Explorer-WhatsApp ES-File-Explorer-WhatsApp-P

You can see a folder titled Profile Pictures. Open it to see your friends’ photos there.


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