How to Download Any YouTube Videos Quickly [Without Any Additional Software]

How to Download Any YouTube Videos Quickly

You may wish to watch videos offline as well as enjoy music. You can free download your choice of videos for it when online. This is a quick tutorial that will give you details about the always working way to download YouTube videos. So we can come to the point. I will explain you the steps to download any YouTube videos quickly.

YouTube offline mode may be available in your country. If so you can opt that. Otherwise the better solution is to download few videos for offline entertainment.

No paid of free software download required for this. You can initiate the video or MP3 download by modifying the URL and that within seconds. Learn this amazing way to download your favourite videos from YouTube.

Steps to Download Any YouTube Videos Quickly

You can download the YouTube videos within YouTube by just changing the URL. How? Just need to edit the URL of the video you want to download.

To do that replace the “https://www.” part of the video URL with “pwn” that all without quotes. Now you will see the download links. Click any of the link and download the video in different formats. That’s all. See the above steps in the below screenshots one by one.

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1. YouTube Link will look like as follows.

YouTube URL-Download

2. Below highlighted area are the portion of the link to be replaced with “pwn”

Highlighted URL-Download

3. See how the modified URL will look like in the below screenshot.

Modified URL-Download

4. Then press enter to get download link as below

YouTube Video Download Links

5. Select any link to get YouTube working video download.

Hope you could download videos this way. If not’t, don’t worry. See this solution where you can drag and drop a bookmarklet, a small app that can be store as bookmark on your browser’s bookmark bar.


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