Get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Your PC [Android Emulator]

Android Jelly Bean

May be you have an Android device running the earlier versions of Android. So you can’t try some awesome games on it due to incompatibility. Ever you want to try Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on your PC? Run Android 4.1 on your Windows PC with minimum efforts. It will help developers to test new apps or android addicts to try incompatible apps.

Genymotion is the best bet to create a virtual Android Jelly Bean environment on a Windows PC. It is very easy. Try Android 4.1 on your PC. For that you need the following installed on your PC.


Virtual Box

Genymotion App

To download Genymotion you need to sign up. Create an account and download the app. First install Virtual Box on your Windows PC. To install and run Genymotion on your PC there is a complete tutorial illustrated with screenshot of every steps. It is written by XDA forum member Pratyush 997. Just follow it. Below is the link.

Step by step tutorial to install and run Android 4.1 emulator on your PC.

Hope you have successfully installed Genymotion app on your PC. What are the android apps you first tested on your Windows PC using Genymotion emulator?


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