Free New Android Lockscreen Similar to Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu style Lockscreen

Inspired by the Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen, developer Rotary Heart has introduced a similar lockscreen for android devices. It is a customizable and elegant lockscreen named Ubuntu Lockscreen. On this lockscreen users have to swipe to the left to unlock the device. If you have set password security on the app interface, it will ask you to put that password. Though this android lockscreen is one of the best in its kind, I’ve seen some bugs while in use. But it is ignorable as the app is still in beta. You can possibly expect fix for the issues you may face.

Features of Ubuntu Lockscreen for Android

Some of the features include fullscreen mode, animation settings – circle background animation color and time – password protection, enable/disable notifications, lock timer and music player selection on the lockscreen etc.

Free android Lockscreen similar to Ubuntu Touch

You can read your messages without unlocking the lockscreen that is right from the center circle. Beautiful display of time on the lockscreen is cool to see. You can also put your name on the lockscreen. While in use I have seen some bugs like;

Message on the app stat up saying “Ubuntu Lockscreen is not set as the default launcher app…..”.  Though the app has a cool settings to show music buttons on the lockscreen, but seems not working on my HTC One V. Hope the developer will address this issue. Other than this it worked flawlessly on my device. Try this beautiful free android Ubuntu Touch similar lockscreen.


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