Flight Factory – Best Flight Tracking App for Windows Phone

Flight Factory

Flight Factory simplifies your Flight Journey by providing exact and up-to-date flight information on your Phone. Flight Factory is the best suitable flight tracking app to find the accurate flight information on Windows Phone. It is a paid app in the Windows Phone Market Place. It costs $4.99. But it is worth to that. It is the best flight tracking app. If you are searching for cheapest air tickets, follow my earlier post here.

As its name denotes, Fligh Factory is solely for air travelers. This app helps air travelers to find the exact status of their flight. You will surprise to see the large number of flight information this app handles. Flight Factory has the up-to-date flight information on flights from more than 1,500 airlines. Also it covers 16,000 airports worldwide.

Some of the  Useful Information Flight Factory Provides

  • Weather details to get you prepared.
  • Local Time.
  • Track Progress of a Flight. You can track the progress of a flight on a map.

Flight Factory flight tracking

  • Departure and Arrival Time of Flights.
  • Share flight information via social networks.

You can add a flight to track by simply entering the flight number or route. The Flight Factory has all the Windows 8 juice like live tiles, pin a flight to start screen and of course the stunning look. The awesome features and the best functionality make this app one of the topmost choice of many. You can download / buy Flight Factory from the below download link or search it on the Windows Phone Market Place.

Download Flight Factory.


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