Five Features that Facebook Disabled or Changed in the Recent Past

Features that Facebook Disabled

Facebook has stood the test of time and also changed a lot ever since it launched in February 2004. Lots of features added to it over the time. Also Facebook removed some features of it which they may think irrelevant and to keep it the number one social networking site in the world. Here’s such five popular features that Facebook disabled in the recent past. Just for your information.

Here we will take a look at five Facebook features that no more available on this giant social networking site. I think it’s true that such disabled features are not a concern for many and mainly depends how you use Facebook.

Features that Facebook Disabled

Five Popular Features that Facebook Disabled or Removed

1. Non clickable Facebook profile pictures

Facebook changed the privacy settings for profile pictures. Earlier one can make their profile picture non clickable. That means nobody can see your full size profile picture. Only thumbnail size image can be viewable. It was by editing the profile picture privacy setting to “Only to me”. Now even if you change the setting to “Only to me”, your Facebook profile picture is still viewable in full size, but can’t see the like as well as comment on the photo.

2. Feeling Fat emoticon

When you update your status on Facebook, you can share what you feel with proper emoticon. Now, one of the emoticon went missing is the “feeling fat” emoticon. Facebook removed this emoticon recently due to request from online activists.

3. Bing Search

It’s a fact that people are not going to do web search on Facebook. Then what is the meaning of Bing search on Facebook. So as expected, Facebook quietly discontinued Bing search result on its platform.

4. Facebook Connect features in Outlook

Recent changes in Facebook Graph API impacted Microsoft’s apps and services like, OneDrive Online, Office 365 Web App like services, wherever you connected to Facebook using the Facebook connect.

5. Facebook Messenger without Facebook account

sign up to Messenger without FB

We can say it as a new feature rather than discontinued one. Earlier one need Facebook account to use their messenger service. But a recent change made the reverse. Now you only need a working phone number to sign in to Facebook messenger app. To use this feature tap on the “not on Facebook” link on the home page of the messenger.



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