Eight Cool Gmail Tips that Every Gmail Users Must Know


Gmail, the popular mail client from Google is going to pass a new milestone. The 10th anniversary or Gmail is round the corner. Gmail came through loads of changes for the past few years. Came in to existence in the year 2004, Gmail has become the integral part of the life of millions. Many of us use it every day to communicate with our friends, family, colleagues, clients or customers. Here are some of the wonderful tips that every Gmail users must know.

Undo Send / Cancel Send Mail

With a Gmail Lab feature enabled you can cancel a send mail. You can undo the send message within few seconds after you hit the send button. You will find this Gmail feature useful as we normally forget attachments that only strike our mind after hitting the send. Go to Gmail “Settings” and click the “Lab” tab and look for “Undo Send”.

Make a Read Message as Unread

If you use Gmail in your office as common mail, some mail you read should be reverted to unread status. So some others will consider that it is an unattended mail and give attention to it. You can make a read message in Gmail as unread. Select the mail and click the “More” drop down menu at the top and choose “Mark as unread”

Gmail Tips

Close Remote Log in

Forgot to sign out Gmail on any other computer. Don’t be panic! You can successfully log out any remote log in. For that scroll down to the bottom of Gmail and see the last account activity notification. Click “details” there and it will open a new window. Click “Sign out all other sessions” and you are done! Change your Gmail password for added security.

Put Image or Company Logo in Signature Line

You can place your company logo at the bottom of Gmail message. Once you have done the settings, every time the logo will automatically be appeared at the bottom of your compose window.

First upload your image to any free image hosting site and copy the URL

Go to Settings > General > Signature and enable it.

Then click on the insert image button and paste the URL copied.

Insert Tables with Borders

You can insert Excel tables in Gmail. Copy and paste the table in Gmail will not get the desired result. You will get the tables in Gmail but without borders. To insert tables with boarder in Gmail follow the tutorial here.

Grammer and Spell Check with Third Party Plugin

If you are not sure about your grammar and spelling, install a third party plugin called Ginger. Read about this plugin here and install.

Send Large Files without Any Plugin

How to send large files in Gmail as an attachment. You can bypass the limit of 25MB Gmail attachment to 10 GB! No plugin is required. Then how?

Upload your files to Google Drive and attach it directly from the Gmail compose window. You can see a small Google Drive icon at the bottom of the Compose window. It is just right to the Send button. Hover your mouse pointer over “+” button to see it.

Forward Mails without Disclosing the Trailing Email IDs

When you forward a mail normally the trailing IDs will be visible to all. Everybody knows who receives the mail. Also when you compose a new mail with a greeting message and send it to all of your business contacts your contacts list will be revealed. Read this article to send an email to several contacts without revealing each others ID.


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