Download 5 Best Free Addictive Android Games for Early 2017

android game 2017

There is no decline in the penetration of smartphone usage in 2016 compared to last year and of course android is the dominant. So lots of app developers target Google Play and the result is the day by day growing Google Play Store. There are large numbers of apps in the Google Play Store and as you know all apps are not up to the mark. So when download your required category of apps, an online check is OK to find the best ones. If you are looking for best free simple android games, here is our pick of 5 best free and addictive android games for use in early 2017.

Free Addictive Android Games

List of Five Free Addictive Android Games


Very addictive free puzzle game where the core purpose is to match the domino blocks. Merged is quite addicting and fun to play. You can give it a try.

merged free addictive puzzle game for android


This download includes the original Microsoft’s popular solitaire collection like Freecell and Spider Solitaire which you might have played on your Windows PC. This original Solitaire game is very easy to play on your smartphone. I found this free android game from Microsoft, very very addictive.

addictive solitaire-game from microsoft


Stack is another best addictive android game to play in early 2017. Stack up the blocks to build towers, it’s that much simple. The graphics and sound in Stack is soothing. A must try simple android game from Ketchapp.

stack simple yet addictive block game


This games seems simple to play as only one tap is required to land the swinging character from platform to platform but it’s very difficult to score high. Swing is a must try and yet another simple game from the above app developer.

swing game for 2017 for android


Two types of game play is there. White and Dark. While the White mode is for connections, Dark mode can be used for disconnections. It’s endless fun.

loop time killer game for android

The above are some of the best free android games to use in early 2017. I know there are lots more games. These game I personally enjoyed and found using in my friends circle.


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