Convert Any Numbers to Currency or Words Online

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Many times in our life we need to convert numbers to words. On invoices, salary slips, Cheques like many places we can see amount in numbers converted to words. If the amount is small, then we can easily convert it to words. But some times the amount comes in millions, then there may be chances of error.

If you are working on an Excel Spreadsheet and want to convert any number to words quickly, you can apply one function for this. But there is no default function in Microsoft Excel for this. But you can copy paste the Microsoft code provided in their help article to get the function working on your Excel. But if you are using Google Doc Spreadsheet or other Spreadsheet, you have to look for an alternative solution. In either case the easiest way is to convert numbers to currency or words is to use an online service for this.┬áThere is a dedicated website the offers number to words conversion. Let’s see how to convert numbers to words or currency quickly online.


Copy the amount from the Spreadsheet you are.

Visit Calculator Soup and paste the copied content to the blank field as marked in the screenshot below. You can also directly type the amount in the field.

convert numbers to words online

Select whether you want to convert the number to words, currency or for cheque. Select the desired option and click “Convert” and voila!

This way you can easily convert numbers to words or currency online. Bookmark the site if you frequently need this type of conversion.

Note : Website owners can use their code to get a popup numbers to word converter on their website.


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