Check Google Adsense Earnings on Your Android Quickly with Official App

adsense app

Android is Google’s baby and it gets the first Official Adsense App, another Google product. With the brand new official Ansense  app, Adsense publishers can quickly check their Adsense earnings right on their phone. The app is simply designed to check the earnings and nothing else. It shows the earnings in the following order. Today, yesterday, this month so far and the last month. Also below each and every listed information, except today, there is a comparison line.

  • Under yesterday, it is the percentage difference vs the same day last week.
  • Under this month, it is the percentage difference vs the same day last month.
  • Under last month, it is the percentage difference vs the month before.

Anyway I think this comparison is not worthy for many.

The settings screen of Google Adsense official android app has only the refresh settings. And also the new Google notification icon is there.

Adsense App

Download Official Google Adsense android app. The app doesn’t support many latest devices. And in my case also it failed to install on my HTC. So how to install the Adsense Android app on unsupported devices?

Download the Google Adsense APK.


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