Change the Settings of Another Android Phone from Your Android Phone [Remote Access]


Staying away from home is less nostalgic due to the advancement in technology. From miles away we can instantly contact our family or friends wherever they are with smartphones. We can see them in real time and hear their voice. Also we can share memorable moments in the form video clips or images via chat.

Your family may not be fully conversant in using smartphones. Don’t worry. You can help them remotely. Install and uninstall apps remotely on your home android phone. Similarly you can change the display and sound settings of your home phone and also add contacts remotely. Install the messenger app on your phone to your home phone remotely. All these you can do now with a free app called Zikk. It is free. Help your family or friends to set up their phone remotely.

android remote setup

Zikk is right now on beta version. The developers of this app claim that Zikk is highly secure that prevents access to personal information via remote access. So you can use this app to give and take remote support on your android phone securely.


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