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Are you looking for a better WhatsApp alternative app for your Android Smartphone? Then read on. There are several messenger apps out there in the Google Play and of course Whatsapp is one of the trendy one. It’s true that WhatsApp replaced the regular SMS globally with its smart messaging capabilities and delivers billions of messages per day. By using WhatsApp you can send free messages internationally. I think it is difficult to find a Smartphone without WhatsApp installed on it. But it is not necessary to stick with one messenger app still there are several good alternatives out there. If you are looking for an intuitive messaging app for your Smartphone try WeChat. It scores areas where you may disappoint with WhatsApp. Further it has additional features and it is tremendously growing by adding more users.

WeChat is a growing cross-platform text and voice messaging service that also offers HD video calling feature to its users. It is developed by Chinese based Tencent Technology. WeChat is quickly growing as a best alternative for WhatsApp and the developers boasts it already has a strong community of over 300million users globally.


Why WeChat is Attractive

If users like WeChat over WhatsApp, it must have some additional features or some settings that users like. The privacy level in WeChat may be the important aspect why the users like it. In WhatsApp other users can find that whether you are online or not. You can’t log out even if you wish on WhatsApp. That may be disturbing in rare cases like when you are attending a function, visiting a temple etc. Also anyone can message you only knowing your contact number in WhatsApp. It may have the features many users may like. But in the mean time some others may dislike some of the WhatsApp features who are more concerned with their privacy. Apart from this, even though WhatsApp has encrypting the messages it sends, there was a privacy concern of the messages sent in the past.¬†We chat offers logout feature and it is not necessary to sign in with your contact number. Also as an added privacy feature you need to approve anyone before they can send messages to you.

WeChat for Android supports multiple languages (18 languages). Adding contacts is very easy. You can add contacts in WeChat by simply shaking two phones, scanning QR codes, syncing with your phone contacts, sharing IDs, or using location-based services. As already mentioned you can make HD video calls in WeChat that is not possible with WhatsApp.

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