Avira Protection Cloud Technical Preview Desktop Client – What’s it and How it Works

Avira 2013 Free Upgrade

Avira is in the process of building a community powered knowledge base containing malware data and clean applications. To meet this goal they have released a free Windows Desktop Client called Avira Protection Cloud Technical Preview. It’s a light weight application for Windows XP SP3 or higher. Install this app and scan your system using Avira’s new cloud technology. Avira Protection Cloud TP scans your system quickly just like your regular antivirus does when you hit Quick Scan.

Avira Protection Cloud

The hash or digital finger prints of all suspicious files are sent to the Protection Cloud for real-time inspection. Once the scan process is completed you can see the results.

See what Avira says about this free Windows application.

Outsmarting the malware of the future requires building a huge community-powered knowledge base containing malware data and clean applications. For that we need your support. The more users contribute, the better we can protect everyone! By working together, you can help us continue to provide security no virus can crack!

That’s all. Try this app today. Download.


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