Auto Launch Windows 8 Desktop During Start Up

Skip Start Screen During Windows 8 Boot

Windows 8 is so different from the earlier versions of Windows. Instead of the Start button that appear on the earlier versions of Windows, now a start screen is introduced with live tiles. There are pre installed apps on the start screen and you can install as many apps as you wish from the revolutionary Windows Store.

Update: Skip this tutorial as it is no more valid. Windows changed a lot.

Desktop is one tile on the start screen. Microsoft redesigned Windows 8 with keep in mind the mobile device compatibility. It’s highly optimized for tablets and the start screen tiles in Windows 8 resembles Window Phone OS. The desktop in Windows 8 is more familiar to all Windows users. We have used to this interface. So if you are doing all your work from the Windows 8 desktop like running traditional apps, accessing your favourite web pages on your regular browser then you might probably want to skip the Windows 8 start screen during boot up. I am sharing a new app for you for this purpose. Try Skip Metro Suite for Windows 8. It’s a time saver for you. It skips the Windows 8 Start Screen during start up.

Skip Start Screen During Windows 8 Boot

Other than controlling the skipping of start screen there are some other features this app provides for you like disable Charms Bar, remove all hot corners etc. The developer of this tiny Windows 8 app has a short video clip for you to get you to know more about it. Watch it below.


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