10 Best Sites to Download Free Stock Footages and MP3s


There are tons of sites offering professional quality stock footage and background tracks. But if you don’t want to pay for a few minutes of HD video clips or MP3s, it would be a frustrating experience to find a genuine one. But don’t worry. Spread your wings and get ready to fly through the beats of your heartening music contents. Here is our list of 10 websites where you can find free music stuff for download. 5 websites each dedicated to free HD stock footages and free MP3s.

The below free HD video and MP3 music download sites will be useful for those who  want to create introduction videos for websites, inspirational videos, animated logos, filler videos, or any of their other project purposes.

Even though the stuff on theses sites are free, do check their terms of use before downloading.

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List of Sites Where You Can Find Genuine Royalty Free Videos for Download

Motion Elements

It’s the first name comes to my mind whenever I think about free stock footage. Create awesome introduction videos, logos etc. by downloading relevant footage from this site. The videos are HD quality and of professional look. Clouds, Maple Leaves and blinking pink hearts are some of the attractive video footage on this site for free download.

Ignite Motion

Ignite Motion is another best source that offers free stock footage animated video clips for your project requirements. Count effect, Waves, Ocean like countless number of free animations are available for free download. I am sure you can easily find some awesome videos for your project purposes on this site.

Footage Crate

Footage Crate has free stock footage motion videos for your projects that organised in different categories like Action, Explosions, Transition and Motion Graphics etc.

Clip Canvas

Amazing free stock footage can be found on this site. Suitable for filler videos between scenes in your project. Video clips has supporting background musics. So very useful and ready to use. Free video footage of smiling woman, landscapes, cocktail etc. are awesome to watch.


Tempting free stock footage for your any type of projects. HD quality video clips likes typing on a keyboard, meditation, sun set etc. are useful for creating inspirational video quotes.

List of Sites Where You Can Find Royalty Free MP3s for Download


FMA is the great source for royalty free MP3 music downloads that under creative commons. FMA has an entirely dedicated section for free birthday songs download. It’s must to check their terms of use page before proceeding to the download section.


You can find lots of royalty free music downloads in this site. Check for the free download button at the bottom of the track. A genuine place for reliable and suitable free music downloads for your projects. Category varies from ambient, disco, folk, electro to hip hop.


A very popular music site where you can easily find your favourite tunes from different genres. You can also search by artist to find your hearts content on this site.


Another best place for free MP3 downloads. Go through the top download section at the bottom to find awesome music track for your project.


There are lots of free stuff in Amazon. Find their free music section to use your project.

I’m sure that the above sites meet your free video as well as MP3 download requirements. But do remember that the sites have also upload option to provide your creativity to the world for free.


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