Table of Contents – Yup! It’s Possible in Google Sheets

Table of Content is the easiest to way to tell the reader where a specific page reside in a book. In a printed form the page number is important. So it can see alongside the table of content items. But when we think digitally, our table of content should have link to the corresponding pages. Page number is not relevant here. It’s easy to prepare a table of content in document writers as it’s an essential part of it. But if we use some logic, it’s possible to prepare a similar table of content in Spreadsheets too. Now here we are sharing the idea – How to prepare a table of content with links in Google Sheets?

table of content in Google Sheets


First prepare your table of contents in a sheet. Refer the below sample.

  A B C
1 T A B L E    O F   C O N T E N T S    
2 1. Combine Text+Text, Text+Date & Text+Number
3 2. Heard About the Very Useful “Function Numbers”?
4 3. Yes! We Can Use Subscript & Superscript Numbers.
5 4. Table of Contents – Yup! It’s Possible in Google Sheets

Now our first topic in the table of content is “1. Combine Text+Text, Text+Date & Text+Number”

Now what we want to do is go to that specific sheet where the detail related to the first topic is lying. It may be in another sheet or same sheet. We consider the detail is in a new sheet tab. So go to the very first cell in that sheet. Right click and click on “Get link to this cell”. You can see the message “The link has been copied to the clipboard.”

Now come back to our Table of Content sheet. Go to Cell A2 and right click to see the menu options. Click “Insert link”. Against the link label, paste the link we’ve just copied and click Apply.

Repeat the step to complete linking other titles. That’s all. Your table of content in Google sheet is ready.

This Google Sheet trick you can use in different scenarios like jump to different sheets, different cells etc.

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