How to Use RANK Function in Google Sheets – Example Formula

RANK Function in Google Sheets

Just like MODE function, RANK is another useful statistical function in Google Sheets. I will tell you how to use RANK Function in Google Sheets with one example.

While MODE function returns the most commonly occurring number or date from a range, RANK function can use to find the rank of a number from a range. It’s so simple.

Examples to RANK Function in Google Sheets


RANK(value, data, [is_ascending])

Here in this function, value is the value whose rank will be determined. Data means the array or range containing the dataset to consider.

The other element in the syntax, “is_ascending” is entirely optional. It can decide whether to rank a highest or lowest value as 1. I think, you can just ignore this element as it’s irrelevant in most of the cases.

How to Use RANK Formula in Google Sheets? – Example

See the below example.

rank formula example in google sheets

The above is a sample sales report. There are three sales persons, A, B and C, and you can see their sales amount against each of their name. How to find the Rank of these sales persons based on their total sales value.

For that first I summarise the data as below.

Summary of Sales Report for Rank

As a side note,  I’ve just used SUMIF function to summarise the data, though it’s not important here. We just need the summary to understand the RANK function in Google Doc Spreadsheets.

You can see that there is one column I left blank in the above summary and that is “Rank”. The number of sales persons are only three here. So you can easily say the rank of sales persons.

Here sales person “C” holds the Rank # 1, “A” holds the rank # 2 and “B” holds the rank 3. You can use RANK formula to automate the ranking. It will be useful when the number of sales persons are large and the sales values are flexible and may change at any time.

rank formula results

I am explaining the first formula. It’s applicable to the below two.

In the first formula, we first determine the rank of L3, i.e. 4560 against the range L3:L5. Similarly the second and third formula has been used.

Hope you understand the above use of RANK function in Google Sheets.


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