How to Use Percentage Value in Logical IF in Google Sheets

How to Use Percentage Value in Logical IF in Google Sheets

I have written tons of advanced Google Sheets tutorials that covering almost all important functions in Google Sheets. This time I am with a basic tutorial for beginners. Here I’m going to explain you how to use percentage value in logical IF in Google Sheets. For example if a cell contain a value 80%, in another cell, I want an IF formula to return TRUE other wise FALSE.

Hope you already know the use of Logical IF in Google Doc Spreadsheets. If not, here is some tutorials that take you from basic to advanced level use of IF function.

Basic to Advanced Tutorials on IF Logical Function in Google Doc Spreadsheet

1. How to Use IF Function in Google Sheets

2. Nested IF and IFS

3. How to use IF, OR, AND together in Google Sheets

The above three tutorials contain all the necessary information on the use of IF function such as tips, tricks and screenshots to make you a pro in logical test. Now let us see how use percentage value in Logical IF in Google Sheets.

Example to the Use of Percentage Value in Logical IF in Google Sheets

There are two steps that you can follow to include a percentage figure in logical test. Here is that tips.


percentage value in IF logical test google doc

I have a price list of books, a long list, similar to the above, containing the book details and available discounted price in Column D. Wherever the discount offered is more than or equal to 50%, I wish to order that books.

You can use an IF logical function to mark such books with a text “Place the Order” in column E. Here you can use percentage value in logical IF in Google Sheets as below.

=if(D2>=50%,”Place the Order”,””)

Note: Copied formula may not work. So please take time to manually enter the formula on your sheet.

You can apply this formula in Cell E2 and then copy and paste it to down. Other wise you can simply opt an ArrayFormula in Cell E2, that would automatically expand to down.

=ArrayFormula(if(D2:D>=50%,”Place the Order”,””))

As I have told you there is one more method to include percentage figure in IF. You can use the formula as below to test percentage value in IF.

=ArrayFormula(if(D2:D>=0.5,”Place the Order”,””))

Here instead 50%, I’ve used 0.5. If you want to test 25%, the value in the formula would be 0.25. That’s all. Enjoy.


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