How to Use Different Criterion in SUMIFS Google Sheets Function

learn sumifs function criteria

Knowing the use of criterion is important in learning most of the functions in Google Sheets. SUMIFS function is no different. Before going to learn how to use different criterion in SUMIFS function, I know I should explain you the term criterion.

What is Criterion in Functions?

The origin of the word criterion is date back to 17th century. It’s a Greek word kritērion ‘ and its meaning is ‘judging’. The purpose of criterion is the same ‘judging’ in Google Sheets. Criterion is the pattern or test to apply in functions and that decides the output.

In functions, when you check the syntax elements you can see the term criterion described as “the pattern or test to apply”.

If you set aside the above, in simple words, criterion is a condition like if this do that.

In formulas we can use criterion in the form of text, numeric, date and also the mixed combinations of these that also with operators.

Use of Different Criterion in SUMIFS Function

The below chart holds the secret of using different criteria in Sumifs.

Use of Different Criterion in SUMIFS Function

Now see the syntax below.

SUMIFS(sum_range, criteria_range1, criterion1, [criteria_range2, criterion2, …])

In the syntax you can see the element criterion 1, criterion 2 etc. You can refer the above table chart depending your criteria to apply it in formula.

You can use criteria as cell reference or directly within the formula. In both the cases you can follow the chart above.

Examples to USE SUMIFS with Different Criterion

I have already few tutorials on the use of SUMIFS. The below links will be helpful for you where I applied the criteria based on the above criteria chart.

How to use SUMIFS function in Google Sheets

How to include same field twice in SUMIFS function in Google Sheets


Keep the above table chart as a reference to make ease your day with SUMIFS. If you are interested you can take a look at our eBook, which details how to use 5 Google Sheets function including Sumif, Sumifs, Dsum, Sumproduct and Query.

The above similar criteria chart is also included in the book for other functions that also with plenty of formula examples.

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