How to Use All Google Sheets Count Functions [All 8 Count Functions]

All Google Sheets Count Functions

Do you know how many count functions are there in Google Sheets? May be not, right? There are eight count functions in Google Sheets. The following are the all eight count functions in Google Sheets. 1. COUNT, 2. COUNTA, 3. COUNTUNIQUE, 4. COUNTBLANK, 5. COUNTIF, 6. COUNTIFS, 7. DCOUNT and 8. DCOUTA. Now let us learn how to use all Google Sheets count functions with proper examples.


How to Use Google Sheets Count Function?

We are going to learn all Google Sheets count functions and that begin with the COUNT function, which is the simplest one among the eight.

Below is the syntax.

Syntax: COUNT(value1, [value2, …])

Count returns the number of numeric values in a range or multiple ranges. We can learn Count function with few examples.

Sample Data:

Now few count function formulas so that you can learn the Count function easily.


This formula will return the result 5. The range in the formula covers six cells. But in one cell there is text value. The Count formula only counts numeric values in a given range. Now to the second formula.


Here I’ve used multiple ranges, which are not adjoining columns, to count. Here the result will be 10. The formula here counts numeric values in two different column ranges.

Now to the third Count function example.


Here in this formula multiple columns are covered. But all the columns in the range are adjoining.

Hope you got the clear picture of using the count function in Google Sheets.



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