How to Get Subscript and Superscript Numbers in Google Spreadsheets


I’m back with another unique Google Sheet tutorial. This time we can learn how to use Superscript and Subscript in Google Spreadsheet, a missing Google Spreadsheet feature. Here we will learn how to apply both these features with numbers. Anyway we are not discussing how to Superscript and Subscript characters here.

With our unique trick, we can get all the numbers in Superscript and Subscript form and we can increase the font size too.

What is the meaning of Superscript and Subscript? These are characters printed above the line or below the line. We require this format in certain occasions like while entering a chemical formula, units etc. to make our spreadsheet more readable.

Superscript and Subscript are not new to many of you. This format is available in Excel, Word and Google Doc. But sadly missing in Google Sheets now. We will overcome this as below.

There are 20 numbers to convert to Character String. Then only we can get 10 digits from 0 to 9 each for Subscript and Superscript. Here in this tutorial we are using the Character function “Chr()” which will bring the Character String representation of a given Decimal Value.

Now to the Steps involved:

Step 1

First create a Google Sheet file like the one below. It contains some numeric value and we applied “char()” function to get its Character String. It will give you Superscript and Subscript characters from 0 to 9 in the formula applied ranges.

Spreadsheet superscript and subscript

Step 2

It’s difficult to remember the 20 numbers, 10 each for Superscript and Subscript to use with the function always, right?. So do one thing! Copy the entire data and in a new sheet or a blank cell in the same sheet, paste it. Not just paste. Then? Go to Edit>Paste Special>Paste Values.

Step 3

Whenever you want Superscript and Subscript in Google Spreadsheet, open this Google Sheet file and copy paste the characters.

increase font size superscript and subscript

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