How to Create Radar Chart in Google Sheets [Step by Step Guide]

Radar Chart in Google Sheets

How many of you know about Radar Charts? Also do you know how to create Radar Chart in Google Sheets? I’m answering the second question in this tutorial. A simple tutorial that will help you to understand what is Radar Chart and how to create Radar or Spider Chart in Google Sheets.

What is Radar Chart in Google Sheets

Radar Chart is a simple two dimensional chart. Here in Radar chart, you can show one or more variables or you can say continues data with one spoke for each variables. Data points are drawn clockwise around the chart. Radar chart is also known as Spider Chart. You can arrange data in columns or rows on a worksheet to plot in a radar chart.

Purpose of Radar Chart or Radar Graph

You can use Google Sheets Radar Chart or Spider Chart similar to Column Chart for comparison. When the number of variables are large, it’s suggested to use Radar chart, which offers a clutter free chart experience. Personally I think Radar Charts’ readability level is far behind column charts.

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How to Create a Radar Chart in Google Sheets

With the below sample data, I am going to compare my monthly allocated budget and actual spending using Radar Chart in Google Doc Spreadsheet.

Sample Data for Radar Chart Creation:

Column Wise Sample Data for Radar Chart Creation

Steps to Create Radar Chart:

1. Select the data.

2. Go to Insert menu and click on Chart.

3. Select the chart Radar Chart.

RADAR Chart in Chart Editor

4. It’ll insert the RADAR chart as below.

Note: I’ve found that Google Sheets behave abnormally in chart selection. When you click on Radar Chart, Google Sheets may insert Histogram Chart, it’s predecessor in the chart editor. I’ve this issue with my Google Sheets. If you face such issue, click on Gauge chart, It’s successor. It may insert proper Radar Chart.

Here is my finished Radar Chart.

Radar Chart prepared by Info Inspired

Here is one more Radar Chart where I am comparing some of the features of two trendy smart phones. See that below. Please note that this comparison has nothing to do with the original phone features.

Radar Chart in Google Sheets Showing Phone Comparison

Hope you could clearly understand how to create Radar Chart in Google Sheets. Any doubt, please drop in comments.


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