Google Sheets Indirect Function Examples and Usage

Google Sheets Indirect Function Examples

Below you can find few Google Sheets INDIRECT function examples. I have already another tutorial in the pipeline that will take you to the advanced part of it.

As the name suggests Google Sheets INDIRECT function refers indirectly to another cell, cells or sheet. The below example will give you enough idea about the use of this formula.

Google Sheets INDIRECT Function Examples and How to Use.

Indirect function in Google Sheets returns a cell reference specified by a string. I will explain it with 2-3 simple examples.

Indirect Function with Cell Address – How to

Here the value in Cell A1 is “Info Inspired”

indirect function 1

Without directly referring to that cell, you can indirectly use it in formula. You can refer Cell Address A1 as INDIRECT(“A1”). Here “A1” inside the Indirect formula is a text string not a cell reference. But the INDIRECT formula makes it a valid cell reference.

Alternatively you can put the text A1 in any other cell, here for example in B4, and use the formula as INDIRECT(B4). That is what you can see on the above screenshot.

Indirect Function with Range of Cells – How to

The below example will let you know how to use Google Sheets Indirect formula with Range of Cells as well as SUM function.

Indirect function with Sum

First understand the above formula. Now I will tell you how to replace that formula with an alternative INDIRECT formula.

Instead of the above, you can put cell range in another cell and refer to it. For example in Cell B12 you can enter the range like “C2:C10” that without quotes and refer Cell B12 in the formula as below.


Use of Indirect Function with Named Ranges – How to

Same as above, you can use INDIRECT function in Google Sheets with Named Ranges.

If the name of range of cells “C2:C10” is “ChequeAmount”, you can use the formula like below.


You can also use the Indirect formula as follows as a cell reference. See what is in cell D13. it is the name of the named ranges.

Google Sheets Indirect Formula with Named Ranges

Indirect Function with Sheet Tabs – How to

Using Indirect Formula with sheet names are also tricky. See the example below.

use of sheet names in indirect function

I am on the sheet “Master” and I called a cell value from Sheet “Company A” using indirect formula. That’s all for now. Below you can see the advanced use of INDIRECT function in Google Sheets.

View contents of all tabs in a single sheet without leaving your current tab – Tutorial using Indirect function.


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