Learn Google Sheets CHAR Function and How to Use It in QUERY Formula

How to Use Google Sheets CHAR Function

Another valuable addition to my Google Sheets Function guide. This time I will explain you how to use Google Sheets CHAR function. Also I will share you how to use CHAR function with QUERY formula. As an example to CHAR formula in QUERY, I will explain you how to filter a range using QUERY based on Tick mark or Check mark symbol. Here we go!

How to Use Google Sheets CHAR Function

We can use Google Sheets CHAR function to return a number in to a character. What number? I will come to that. Before see the CHAR function syntax in Google Sheets below.


Here in this syntax table_number, this is what I called number above, can be any valid number in decimal format that you can find here in this Unicode table. This table contains all the basic set of UNICODE numbers

Examples to CHAR Formula in Google Sheets

CHAR function examples in Google Sheets

Advanced Use of CHAR Function in Google Sheets

Now time to see some practical use of Google Sheets CHAR function.

Superscript and subscript are badly missing in Google Sheets. It’s essential, when you want to add Molecular Formulas on your spreadsheet. You may find my below tutorial useful in this case. I’ve used CHAR function here to get SUPERSCRIPT and SUBSCRIPT.

Google Sheets: Add Subscript and Superscript Numbers

Now I’m going to another use of CHAR function in Google Sheets. As mentioned in the first part of this google sheet tutorial, how to use Tick Mark, a symbol or a special character in Query Formula?

tick mark symbol use in Query

In this example, I just want to filter the persons who have renewed their memberships. How to identify them? See the tick mark against the names those who have renewed their memberships. Here to get the check mark or tick mark symbol, I’ve used the “CHAR(10003)” function in corresponding cells.

You can include the character symbol as below in Query Function.

=query(A2:F8,”Select * where F=’✓'”)

Here you can directly copy the tick mark from the cell and paste it into the Query formula. You can similarly use query formula with any other symbol. No need to use CHAR formula directly within QUERY.


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