Alternative to Excel Formula Auditing in Google Sheets


Once I extensively used keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2003 as it could speed up my job. Now I’m not a regular user of Excel as I switched my job. I meet my limited Spreadsheet requirements using Google Sheets. Still lots of the Excel keyboard shortcuts comes in my mind as I was using it regularly in the past.  “Alt+T+U+T” and “Alt+T+U+D” are the two short cut keys, which I extensively used in those days. These keys are to access the Formula Auditing options in Excel called Trace Precedents and Trance Dependents. These wonderful tools are missing in Google Sheets. There is no ‘real’ alternative to Excel Formula Auditing in Google Sheets.

Then How to Do Formula Auditing in Google Sheets?

I asked this question myself. There is no add-on to do this trick or built-in option so far. You should get satisfied with the existing options in Google Sheets to do formula auditing.

You can still, at some extent, Trace Precedents and Trace Dependents in Google Sheets. See how it below.

formula auditing tool in Google Doc Sheets

Trace Formula Auditing Precedents in Google Sheets

Go the the cell which contain the formula of which you want to find the Precedents. Press “F2” or double click on the cell.

Trace Precedents in Google Sheets

The cell connected with the formula will be highlighted with coloured dots. This’s the alternative solution to Excel Formula Auditing in Google Sheets. Then how to use auditing Trace Dependents in Google Sheets?

Trace Formula Auditing Dependents in Google Sheets

Move your cursor with in the formula. You can see the dependent cells are getting highlighted. Remember! If the dependent is part of any other formula you can’t find this way. So it make trace dependents nearly impossible in Google Sheets. But there is a solution to this by using the find command in formulas.

To do this first use the shortcut key “ctrl+~” and then search the cell address.

 Formula Auditing in Google Sheets - Trace dependents

The above are the available alternative to Excel formula auditing in Google Sheets. I think it will be useful to many users, if Google add this feature to Google Sheets.


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