How to Use Exact Function in Google Sheets [Case Sensitive and Insensitive]

How to Use Exact Function in Google Sheets

I think first we should know why Exact function in Google Sheets is essential. After that we can learn the use of it. Exact function is all related to case sensitive. When you came to know that majority of the spreadsheet functions are case insensitive, you will realise the importance of Exact function.

What are the Case Insensitive Functions in Google Sheets?

I’m not going to individually name all the case sensitive or insensitive functions. But for your information, almost all of the functions in Google Sheets are Case Insensitive. But there are exceptions like QUERY, EXACT and FIND functions, which are case sensitive.

How to Convert a Case Insensitive Formula to Case Sensitive?

Wherever possible, by analysing different scenarios, you can use functions like EXACT, FIND, UPPER, LOWER or PROPER to handle the Case Insensitive issue.

How to Use Exact Formula in Google Sheets


EXACT(string1, string2)

EXACT checks the two strings for exact same characters, including identical case and identical spaces or hidden characters and return TRUE of FALSE.

Examples to Exact Function in Google Sheets

Example 1: See a set of examples to the Exact function in Google Sheets.

Exact Function ExamplesExample 2: Some tricky use of Exact Formula.

In the above example, row # 4 formula returns FALSE as Cell A4 text contains an extra space. In this case, if you want, you can use TRIM function with in Exact as below.


Similarly you can see how I use Exact in a simple logical test with IF.

See the Row # 3 in the above example which returns TRUE. The following logical test returns “perfectly matching” if the formula returns TRUE.

=if(exact(A3,B3),”perfectly matching!”)

This way we can make use of the Exact function in several places in Google Sheets.


Here I’ve just detailed how to use Exact function in Google Sheets. You can use Exact function with complex formulas like Index Match, Lookup, Sumproduct, Sumif etc. See you back again with another awesome Google Sheets Tutorial.


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