How to Use DPRODUCT Function in Google Sheets [Practical Use]

How to Use DPRODUCT Function in Google Sheets

For me DPRODUCT is a very rare to use function in Google Sheets. Still, for those who want to use this database function, here is my tips. Unlike some other functions, this time I know I should address two things related to this formula. The first and foremost one is how to use DPRODUCT function in Google Sheets. The second one is also important. We should know what is the use of DPRODUCT Function or where to use it.

Usage Instruction of Google Sheets DPRODUCT Function

DPRODUCT is a database function but not much popular as DCOUNT or DSUM among Google Sheets as well as Excel users.

As you know, database functions are intend to use on structured data. Your data should have proper column labels and no merged cells are allowed.

The DPRODUCT function returns the product of values from a selected database table, array or range. In simply speaking, you can multiply numbers in any field in an array or range based on given criteria. That is the whole essence of this function.

Syntax and Example to DPRODUCT Function in Google Sheets

DPRODUCT(database, field, criteria)

database – the array or range containing the data to consider with first row as column labels.

field – Indicates which column in range to be multiplied. You can use the column number or column label within double quotes

criteria – a range containing the conditions based on which the function operate.


DPRODUCT function example in Google Sheets

See the above DPRODUCT formula example. Here the formula multiplies the values in Cell D6 and D10 which match the criteria. You can also use the formula as below.


Here in this formula I’ve used column number instead of field label.

Note: If you want to know the different criteria usage in DPRODUCT like comparison operators, date etc., please go to our DSUM criteria usage tutorial as both are same.

Normally, examples of DPRODUCT make no sense as there is not much practical use of this function. Still here is a practical example to the use of DPRODUCT function in Google Sheets.

What is the Use of DPRODUCT Formula in Google Sheets

See the example below. You can use DPRODUCT formula in similar situations.

real life data for DPRODUCT function

Here we can find sales value of any item based on item code. In our above DPRODUCT example, criteria is Item Code 1005. This refers to item “Mango – Assorted”.

We’ve used column number in the formula which is the “Values” field. So the corresponding values in column D get multiplied. This way you can use DPRODUCT Function in Google Sheets.


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