How to Create 3D Pie Chart in Google Sheets – With Pictures

Create 3D Pie Chart in Google Sheets

Pie Chart is one of the visually appealing chart among all other chart types with its filled colours. It’s a must to spice up your presentations and also to beautifully visualise your static data. You can very easily create 3D Pie Chart in Google Sheets.

Check our CHART SECTION to find all the necessary tutorials to create different types of charts including Line, Bar, Column, Geo Chart, Gantt, Combination chart, S Curve, Area, Sparklines etc.

Types of Pie Chart in Google Sheets

There are four different types of pie charts that we can use to visualise data in Google Sheets. They are;

  • Pie Chart
  • 3D Pie Chart
  • Doughnut Pie Chart
  • 3D Doughnut Pie Chart

All the above four Pie charts are similar in nature. Doughnut Chart is little bit different in appearance as it comes with a hole in the centre.

What is a Pie Chart?

You can use Pie Charts to show proportions of a whole. If you are unsure what type of chart you can create from your data, don’t worry. We have a chart selection tutorial on this site.

Tips to choose suitable chart.

How to Create a 3D Pie Chart in Google Sheets

The below Pie chart shows the proportion of first language spoken in India. As you already know India is a country with different languages and custom. So I chose this data to create a Pie Chart.

The below sample data is taken from this source. I have taken this data only for give you step by step instruction on creating a 3D Pie Chart. I have no responsibility for the accuracy of data beyond that level.

pie chart sample data

Note: You can use IMPORTHTML function to import tables from any webpages to create your chart. I have detailed the tips to import tables from web pages on an earlier tutorial related to GEO chart.

Steps to Create 3D Pie Chart in Google Sheets

To create 3D Pie Chart in Google Sheets, follow the below simple steps.

First select the entire data including the column label, that means from range “A1:B13”.

Go to the menu Insert -> Chart.

It will Insert a chart. It may not be of your type. So we need to set the chart type to Pie. To do that simply select the 3D Pie chart from the Chart Editor. In the below screenshot the third one is the 3D Pie Chart.

chart selection to create 3d pie chart

At this point you can also select a Doughnut Chart or Simple Pie Chart instead. So you can consider this tutorial as an answer to your following questions related to Pie chart.

  1. How to create a simple Pie chart?
  2. How to create a Doughnut Pie chart?
  3. Tips to create a 3D Pie chart?
  4. Tips to create a 3D Doughnut Pie chart?

The fourth one, 3D Doughnut Pie chart, need little explanation. I will explain it at later part of this tutorial.

Now back to the tips to create 3D Pie Chart. Up on selection of the chart type, your chart will automatically get visualised. That’s all. No need to do any thing. Your finished 3D Pie chart will look like as below.

Finished 3D Pie Chart

If you want check the customisation part of the chart editor to change the colour of your Pie chart or labelling etc.

Steps to Create a 3D Doughnut Pie Chart

As already told above, there are four types of charts that you can create or select from Google Sheets Chart Editor. But you can only see the option to create Pie, 3D Pie and Doughnut Pie chart in the Chart Editor.

To create a 3D Doughnut chart follow the steps as below.

  • Select the entire data range
  • Go to Insert -> Chart
  • From the chart editor select Doughnut Chart and then select 3D Pie Chart.

It will create a 3D Doughnut Pie Chart.


You can move the chart to its own tab. To do that click on the chart and see the three vertical dots on the right side top. Click it and select “Move to own sheet”. Also please do check the publish option in File Menu.


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