How to Apply Bulk Change Case in Google Sheets Using Query Function

Bulk Change Case in Google Sheets

With bulk change Case in Google Sheets, what I meant to say is; change the case of complete texts in a table, data range or multiple columns at a time. For this we are using Google Sheets QUERY formula. Didn’t get?

I am talking about replacing text to Upper or Lower Case in Google Sheets but a bulk change. If you want the simple approach using Lower, UPPER, and Proper functions, go to our below trending guide.

Change Text to Upper, Lower or Sentence Case

Let’s see how to apply bulk change case using Google Sheets Query Formula.

Bulk Change Case in Google Sheets Using Query

Below is the sample data. Here we are going to capitalise the first two columns at a time using Google Sheets Query formatting Clause.

sample data for bulk change case

Here is the Query formula for the above range to change the text in Column A and Column B at a time to UPPER Case.

=query(A1:D17,”Select upper(A), upper(B),C,D”)

Here A1:D17 is the above data range. Here I’m capitalising Column A and Column B which contain text value while keeping column C and D as it is. See the image below.

change text to upper or lower case of multiple columns at a time

The same formula you can use. Please re type the formula on your sheet, copy and paste may not work.

How to replace the existing table with the capitalised one?

  1. Go to the cell which contain the formula. Here it’s Cell F1.
  2. Use keyboard short cut Ctrl + C to copy it.
  3. Go to Cell A1. Use Alt+E+S+V or Right Click on the cell to access Paste Special > Values.

Now you can delete the cell that containing the Query formula.


Query formula only supports two of the Case functions. They are UPPER and LOWER. At this time PROPER case is not added to QUERY.


Query is a very advanced function in Google Sheets. You should spend time to learn Query. We have plenty of basic to advanced Query use tutorials here on Info Inspired. You can either Search on our site or go to our Google Sheets function Guide to start with Query.


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