How to Get BSE, NSE Real Time Stock Prices in Google Doc Spreadsheet

BSE, NSE Real Time Stock Prices in Google Doc Spreadsheet

If you are unable to access your trading platform possibly due to your office network settings or by any other reason, you can track real time stock information on Google Sheets with the help of a formula. You can create your stock portfolio in Google Sheets with the help of Google Sheets GoogleFinance function. Let’s see how to get BSE, NSE real time stock prices in Google Doc Spreadsheet through out the trading secession. By following this tutorial you can learn to fetch the real time security information from any stock markets in the world.

If you are a trader, or has using or used any trading platform in the past, you may find the GoogleFinance function very easy to use. This’s because you may find the arguments in this function familiar to you.

I’ve set up a sample spreadsheet for you to learn how to use GoogleFinance function to bring live as well as historical security Information on to your spreadsheet. You can see the link at the end of this post.

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How to Get BSE, NSE Real Time Stock Prices in Google Doc Spreadsheet


GOOGLEFINANCE(ticker, [attribute], [start_date], [end_date|num_days], [interval])

In this syntax, the highlighted elements are optional and related to historical data. So I’m skipping that here as it’s not essential for real time data. Let’s begin with few examples to the use of GoogleFinace to fetch real time stock data in Google Sheets.

As you may know, ticker symbol is essential to track related security info. Then how to find ticker symbols to use in GoogleFinance formula?

You can find the ticker symbol for the security which you want to consider in this formula form You may just want to type the few starting letters of the security on the search field there to find the stock ticker.

Google Finance: Find Ticker Symbol for formula

In the above example, you can see that the security “HDFC Bank Limited” is listed in four stock markets. You can see the ticker symbol / security codes on the left.

Examples to NSE, BSE Real Time Stock Prices

Below you can find few formulas as examples to the use of GoogleFinance function.

NSE Real Time Stock Price on Google Sheets


BSE Real Time Stock Price on Google Doc Spreadsheet


In the above GoogleFinance formula, I’ve used the “price” argument to get the BSE, NSE Real Time Stock Prices in Google Doc Spreadsheet.

The above two formulas fetch the real time stock prices of the security “HDFC Bank Limited” from BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange)

There are more arguments that you can use to fetch real time stock data like trade time, currency, high, low, volume etc. At the beginning of this post, I’ve promised about a spreadsheet containing the live examples. Follow this link and make a copy from the File menu.

If you are lazy like me to open the link, below you can find all the arguments and the usage.

googlefinance arguments usage tips and tricks

Here I am going to use the ticker in cell B4 as reference. Further I’ve used Google Sheets IFERROR function because real time security information for some of the arguments like datadelay, volumeavg and change may not available all the time. Again I suggest you to open my sheet to see this working live.

Note: If you plan to copy the formulas below, first key in the ticker in B4 and also remove and retype the double quotes in the formulas.

Available Arguments in GoogleFinace to Fetch Real Time Stock Data in Google Sheets

Below I’m providing you the available all arguments that you can use to find BSE, NSE real time stock prices in Google Doc Spreadsheet.

price – to find the real time market price of the stock.


priceopen – to find current day’s opening stock price.


high – to fetch current day’s highest price of the stock.


low – to fetch current day’s lowest price of the stock.


volume – find the number of shares traded of the selected stock for the current day.


marketcap – the market cap of the selected stock.


tradetime –  to find the time of the stock last traded.


datadelay – this you can use to get the info on how far delayed the real time data is.


volumeavg – to find the daily trading average volume for this stock.


pe – to find the price to earnings ratio for the selected stock.


eps – to find the earnings / share.


high52 – the 52 week high price of the stock.


low52 – the 52 week low price of the stock.


change – this’s another useful info. You can use this argument to find the change in the price of the selected stock since the close of yesterday’s market.


beta – use to find the beta value of the stock.


changepct – use to find the percentage change in the price of the selected stock since the close of yesterday’s market


closeyest – to find the closing price of previous day.


shares – to track the number of outstanding shares of this stock.


currency – the currency of the stock is being traded.



Using the above formula and arguments you can easily get BSE, NSE Real Time Stock Prices in Google Doc Spreadsheet. But don’t limit there. You can use GoogleFinance function to track all your investments in any stock market in the world through live price updates.

Further there are more arguments for mutual fund as well as historical data. I’ll explain it in another post. That’s all. Enjoy.


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