Make the Formulas Simple by Applying Names to Range of Cells [Google Doc Spreadsheet]

named ranges in Google Sheets - Tutorial

Hope you are a regular reader of our Google Doc Spreadsheet tutorials. We already have some rich content there to help you improve your online Spreadsheet needs. Here in this tutorial, we are covering the fruitfulness of using named ranges in Google Sheets and how to Name Ranges.

What is Naming Ranges or Named Ranges in Google Sheets?

Ever wonder seeing an unfamiliar formula in Spreadsheets? It may be formulas containing named ranges. You can name a group of cells with the name you want in a Spreadsheet. Check the below table where you can see that cells D4:D9 contains sales value. So if you want to total it, you can use the formula;


named ranges example in Google Sheets

But for making your formula more readable and simple, you can first name the ranges D4:D9 and use it in your formula. To name certain range of cells in Google Doc Spreadsheet, first select the cells and go to Data menu, Named Ranges.

naming ranges in spreadsheets

Type an appropriate name to the range, here “Salesvalue” and click “Done”. So that you can use formula like this;


Named Ranges Make Formulas Simple

From the above example you can understand the use of named ranges in Google Sheets. I normally use named ranges in multi tab sheets. So I can easily refer sheets in formulas.

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Points to be Noted while Naming Ranges or with Named Ranges

When you insert a row between the named ranges, it will automatically get added to the range. As per the above example, when we do so, the name of the range will be “Salesvalue” but the range address will be D4:D10 instead of D4:D9.

If you insert a row before the first row or after the last row in a named range, it will not be included automatically. You need to edit the named ranges to include additional rows.

Apply naming ranges and make your spreadsheet experience more entertaining.


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