How to Use DSUM in Google Sheets – Explained With Pictures

Here we can learn the use of DSUM in Google Sheets with the help of a simple example and supporting pictures. As the name of the function denotes, DSUM uses to sum numbers in a range based on criteria given.

DSUM is similar to another Google Sheet function called SUMIF. Both can provide same results. But as per me SUMIF is more user-friendly and there is one major difference between DSUM and SUMIF, that we will discuss in another post.

Similar to our Spreadsheet tutorials, you should first create a database as below to learn DSUM.

Sample Data for DSUM in Google Sheets

Try to maintain the cell position as it is, then only you can quickly adapt to the function. Now let us understand the Syntax first.

The syntax is explained below. For make you understand it clearly, provided below one screenshot marked with the same.

DSUM( database, field, criteria )

Database: The above sample data is our database, i.e. range B5:D13.

Field: The column position to sum values. That’s column 3 here in our example. You can directly enter the number 3 in the function or put the column label in quotes, here “Sales Value”.

We will add values under the field “Sales Value” based on given condition called criteria.

Criteria: It’s the condition for sum. In DSUM criteria should contain at least one column label and at least one cell below it. Better you copy paste all the column labels from your database to another cells to use as criteria.

I know it’s bit confusing. If so check the screenshot below where DSUM syntax is explained.

Now let us see how to use DSUM in Google Spreadsheet with one example.

Hope you have ready with the sample database as mentioned above in range B5:D13. Now we only need to specify the criteria which to be used in the function.

How to create the criteria.

Copy the labels from the data base “Name of Sales Person”, “Area” and “Sales Value” and paste the same to another cells to use as criteria.

What we are going to do is we are totalling the Sales Value of one person “Myron Ambriz” and area “North”. So our criteria will look like this.

Criteria in DSUM

Now see the formula below.


Here B5:D13 is our range, 3 is the field to add or instead you can put field name “Sales Value” in double quotes and B2:D3 is our criteria. If you apply this function in any cell, you will get the result 1000.00 Dollars. Now expand the criteria as below and see the result.


DSUM Criteria 2 Google Sheets

This way you can use DSUM in Google Sheets as well as Microsoft Excel.

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