How to Remove Duplicates Without Any Plugin on Google Doc Spreadsheet

Unique Function in Google Sheets

In order to remove duplicate content, you should either learn the use of UNIQUE function in Google Sheets or go for a plugin. Here we can learn how to use UNIQUE function in Google Spreadsheets to remove duplicate content.

How Duplicate Entry Happens in Spreadsheets

Duplicate contents can be appeared on your data due to typo graphical errors in case of numeric as well as date entry, or while applying copy and paste. We can not exactly say how this happens as it depends the nature of your work and usage. Whatever the reason, you can easily find it on Google Doc Spreadsheet.

Does Add-on a Must to Find Duplicates or Unique Content in Google Doc

Google recently introduced add-on to its cloud powered office application. By virtue of this addition Google Doc Spreadsheet is now more powerful. One of the useful add-on I found on Google Doc Spreadsheet is Remove Duplicates. It is easy to use and more advanced in finding and removing duplicates. But the changes can’t be reversed! But without this add-on you can remove duplicates. Better we can use the UNIQUE function in google sheets to remove duplicate contents.

Unique Function in Google Sheets Vs Excel Similar Function

Unique() is one of the ‘unique‘ Google Doc Spreadsheet function and it is not available on Microsoft Excel in the same name. But you can use Excel Advanced Filter option to find and get unique contents.

How to Use Google Sheets Unique Function to Remove Duplicates

Here we can see how to use unique() function in Google Doc Spreadsheet to remove duplicate contents. See the list of some of my favorite books and authors. I intentionally doubled Agatha Christie’s “A Pocket Full of Rye” twice. So let us see how we can remove the duplicate content with ease.

Duplicate Content in Data - Unique

Now in another cell I’ve applied the unique() Google Doc Spreadsheet function as below.

unique function in Google Doc Spreadsheet

It will copy the content to where the formula applied. It’s very easy to use the unique function. Just type “unique(” and select the entire data and close the bracket. Press enter key to see the result! Delete the first data as you have already got the data without duplicates. Thus you can use the unique() function to remove duplicate data.

Note: Dynamic Formula to Find and Mark Duplicates

Things to remember!

The Google Sheets UNIQUE formula will check the data range for duplicates. For example in the above, the duplicate contents are in first and last row. If the “Year Published” is different in both rows, the above function will considered both as separate entry, not unique.

If you want to colour the duplicates, or remove it permanently from the existing data itself, use the add-on “Remove Duplicates” from the add-on menu. Hope you enjoyed this Google Doc Spreadsheet tips.


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