How to Remove Additional, Double or Extra Spaces in Google sheets

You can remove additional, double or extra spaces in Google Sheets with either using a function or a command. The function we can use to remove additional spaces in Google Sheet data is called TRIM. It’s a must to remove additional spaces from formulas in Google Spreadsheet. If your data contain extra spaces as part of a typo, you can use the Find and Replace command or Ctrl+H.

Remove Additional Spaces in Google Sheet using TRIM function



Example 1:

=trim(“One   Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Six Only”)

The above will remove extra spaces in the text in quotes.

Example 2: You can use trim function in combination with other functions or formulas.

use trim in formula

In the above example I used trim function in conjunction with concatenate alternative formula.

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Remove Additional Spaces in Google Sheet using Find and Replace Command

This will not work in all cases. To remove extra spaces in Google Sheets using Find command, you should know the number of spaces to remove.

See the steps below.

Open the sheet you want to remove the extra spaces from text.

Press Ctrl+H

Do as follows.

find command to remove extra space

When you click replace all it will find all the double spaces and replace with single space. This’s not applicable to functions. That means spaces that appear as a result of any formula will not be replaced with this command.

This way you can remove extra, double or additional spaces in Google Sheets data.


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