How to Add Custom Text to Number that Can be Considered in Calculation [Google Sheets]

Adding text to number is quiet easy with a simple function [CONCATENATE] or using the ampersand [&] symbol. I am not going to tell you the same thing here. We are adding custom text to number in a cell with the custom number format feature of Google Sheets. It’s similar to the one available in Excel >Format Cells> Custom Number formats.

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How this different?

If you add any text with number using the below method, that number can still be used in functions. It will retain its number format.

Why this useful or where I use it?

In Google Sheet or Excel, instead of formatting the number with currency, I simply use this custom number format to get my desired currency.

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Steps to add custom text to number in a cell, that still retain or keep number format, so that we can use in calculation.

  1. Select the cell where your number resides.
  2. Go to Format>Numbers>More Formats>Custom Number Format
  3. Type this ##,#.00 “USD” in the field and click apply.
  4. The text USD will be added to your number. Similarly you can add any text to the number. Just replace “USD” with any other text.

See the below screenshot for the explanation of the characters used in the Syntax.

Use custom number in Sheets

This give you the flexibility in using Currency format in Google Sheets.


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