Google Sheet : Examples to the Use of Combine Text and Text, Text and Date or Text and Number

google sheets concatenate function

In an earlier post we have discussed the use of Google Sheets CONCATENATE function with the help of operators. But this Google Sheet post, which is related to the same topic, is slightly different with the way we presented it.

Here we are giving some sample data that give you a clear picture on how and where to use adding text to text or text to date or text to number or altogether in Google Sheets. So let’s begin.

Google Sheets CONCATENATE Function – Join Text, Date and Number

1. CONCATENATE Text and Text

Where to – Join Text and Text

To combine text and text in Google Sheets, just use the “&” symbol between the texts. If you want to add a space between the text, just put the “ ” symbol. See the example to know where and how to use it.

  A B C D
1 Text 1 Tex 2 Formula Description
2 Mr. Johnson =A2&“ ”&B2 You will get the result Mr. Johnson. You can also use the CONCATENATE function. = CONCATENATE(A2, “ ”,B2)
3 Mr. Arun =A3&“ ”&B3 You will get the result Mr. Arun. Also = CONCATENATE(A3, “ ”,B3) is workable.
4 Ms. Elina =A4&B4 You will get the result Ms.Elina.Also  = CONCATENATE(A4, B4) is workable.

2. CONCATENATE Text and Number or Numeric Value

Where to – Join Text and Number

It’s similar to above. Just follow the example. It will give you an idea where you can use join text and number in spreadsheet.

  A B C D
1 Product Code First Part Product Code Second Part Formula Description
2 25011 AX =A2&“ ”&B2 25011 AX
3 25012 AZ =A3&“ ”&B3 25012 AZ.
4 Bill Value Text Formula Description
5 150.25 Total Bill Amount is USD =B5&” “&A5 Total Bill Amount is USD 150.25

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3. CONCATENATE Date and Text

Where to – Join Date and Text

To add date with text we should use the text function as follows. Text(number,format). So we can say it’s quite tough to understand compared to the above. But you can learn it quickly from the example below.

1 Student Name D.O.B. Formula Description
2 Emily 23.11.2009 A2&”‘s”&” D.O.B. is “&text(B2,”dd/mm/yy”) Emily’s D.O.B. is 23.11.2009
3 Liam 26.03.2009 =A3&”‘s”&” D.O.B. is “&text(B3,”dd/mm/yy”) Liam’s D.O.B. is 26.03.2009
4 Isabella 31.03.2009 =A4&”‘s”&” D.O.B. is “&text(B4,”dd/mm/yy”) Isabella’s D.O.B. is 31.03.2009
5 Text Date Formula Description
6 Today is =today() =A6&” “&text(B6,”dd/mm/yyyy”) Today is 13/06/2017

Note: If you copy paste our sample data above, sometimes the formula may show errors. It’s because of the quotes symbol. You may delete the quotes and replace it.

Hope you understand the above Google Sheet tips to add text and date, text and text, add text and number. It’s quite useful. So learn it and use it.


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