Convert Google Doc Spreadsheet to PDF or Microsoft Excel File – Benefits and How to

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It is very simple to convert a Google Doc Spreadsheet to Excel or PDF file format. Still we write this post because it is part of our effort to provide a complete Google Doc Spreadsheet tutorial.

Here we can learn two useful options Google Doc spreadsheet offers. It is converting the Google Doc Spreadsheet files to Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) format and also to PDF format.

Though you can share your Google Doc Spreadsheet with others sometimes you want to share the file in a more acceptable format, PDF. It is read only and meets some legal document requirements. Also the benefit of the PDF includes its cross platform use. It retains the layout and format regardless of the operating system. Also PDF files can be opened through free applications.

Converting Google Doc Spreadsheet to Microsoft Excel has to be seen in a more wider sense. Google Doc Spreadsheet is enough to meet your average spreadsheet adventures. Create charts, formulas, tables, formats, pivot tables like, lock sheets like many Excel goodies are available on Google Doc Spreadsheet also. On Google Chrome you can even access and create spreadsheet in offline mode. Still tech savvy people find Microsoft Excel more useful with its array of features and customization. Microsoft Excel has all the virtues of an offline program. It is more faster and feature rich. Remember Google Doc Spreadsheet is free to use unlike Microsoft Office.


How to Convert Google Doc Spreadsheet to PDF File Format

To Convert Google Doc Spreadsheet to PDF file format, follow the below tips.

  1. Open your Google Doc Spreadsheet file to convert.
  2. Go to File Menu.
  3. Select “Download As”.
  4. Click “PDF Document”.

How to Convert Google Doc Spreadsheet to Excel File Format

Follow the above steps 1 to 3. In step 4, select “Microsoft Excel” instead of PDF Document.

It is very simple.


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