How to Get Rid Off Facebook “Seen” Chat Status on Android and on PC

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I like the “Seen” chat status on Facebook. It let me know whether my friend has seen my message or not. But the fact is that many of my friends got rid off the “Seen” chat status feature on Facebook. So I can’t rely on the Facebook “Seen” status anymore! Why people opt out of the “Seen” chat feature on Facebook? Purely for privacy concern. It let the senders know when the message has been read. If read, the recipient has the responsibility to answer to it. Other wise, it causes an unfriendly situation. So better get rid off “Seen” chat status on Facebook. Read the messages sent by your friends on Facebook without letting them know.

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Get Rid Off “Seen” Chat Status on Your Computer

You can get rid off Facebook “Seen” chat status on your computer and that depends your browser. I have the tips for Google Chrome users. There is a popular Google Chrome extension for this. Install “Facebook Chat Privacy”. Installation just take seconds. You can on / off the feature from the Chrome Navbar.

Download : Facebook Chat Privacy for Chrome – Best Chrome app to remove Facebook Seen chat status.

turn of / off seen status on Chrome

Get Rid Off “Seen” Chat Status on Android

You can get rid off Facebook “Seen” chat status on your Android device too. Just install Privy Chat for Facebook, a free Android app to get rid off the ‘annoyance’ of seen status. Install the app and open the app to read the chat messages. Not the Facebook messenger or the Facebook official app. You have to open the Privy Chat app to read messages.

Download : Privy Chat for Facebook – Best Android app to avoid the Facebook Seen chat status message.

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With the above two ways you can virtually turn off Facebook seen messages. Facebook has no inbuilt feature to turn off seen messages anyway.

Do you prefer the above? Like to hear from you.

Image (top) credit : Dani Lurie


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