25 Popular Chat Short Words aka Chat Slang That You May Love to Use


Informality is the soul of chat. Smileys, pictures, videos and chat short words all are common in a chat. You may have seen LOL, OMG like chat slang on your Facebook, Google Plus or any other chat rooms. What is the meaning of LOL? See below some of the most popular chat short words aka chat slang. These are the most useful and commonly used chat slang online.

Chat short words
When you use chat slang it’s easy to convey the message. It can shorten your typing time. It’s much faster way of chatting.

Even if you don’t like using chat slang, it’s good to learn. If some one use these you can easily understand and can avoid the slight embarrassment.

You can seamlessly use chat words on your chat platforms other than Facebook and Google Plus like WhatsApp, GroupMe, Signal and many more.

So learn all the most popular chat short words given below.

List of Commonly Used Chat Short Words aka Chat Slang and Their Meaning

asl Age / Sex / Location
boyf / gf Boy Friend / Girl Friend
brb Be Right Back
bcoz Because
bb4n By by for Now
cos Because
gr8 Great
hagd Have a Good Day
hugz Hugs
h&k Hugs and Kisses
j/k Just Kidding
j/w Just wondering
ilu I Love You
lol Lots of Love / Lots of Laugh
omg Oh My God
oic Oh I See
reg Regarding
ruok Are You OK
sis Sister
smem Send Me an Email
spk Speak
srsly Seriously
thx Thanks
t2u Talk to You
tyvm Thank You Very Much

Either copy paste or bookmark this page. So that you can use it later. The above are only the frequently using chat slang now-a-days. Comment your favourite chart short words and any new one below.

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