20 Proven Google Sheet Tricks [eBook, Kindle Edition]

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The eBook, “Google Sheets: 20 Proven Tricks to Boost Your Productivity” covers 20 tutorials with pictures about using some of the very useful Google Sheet functions and Commands. You may have already familiar with few of them or find on some other eBook or online. Then why this eBook is relevant? It’s because this eBook provides simple practical examples. There is no meaning in learning lots of functions and  formulas in Google Sheets or any other Spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are just like an ocean! Learn what you want and know where to use what you have learned. That’s important. This eBook serves this core purpose.

“Google Sheets: 20 Proven Tricks to Boost Your Productivity” covers following topics in a different angle.

  1. Filtering – It’s not about regular filter command. It’s the use of filter function to get a different filter experience.
  2. “SUMIF()”: A simple example of practical use of SUMIF in Google Sheets.
  3. Control the out put of “sum()” function while your spreadsheets have hidden rows or columns.
  4. How to use if, and, or logical functions together [combined use].
  5. Pivot table report with example and pictures.
  6. How to round numbers. Roundup, Rounddown etc.
  7. Bar / Line / Column charts.
  8. Daily / Weekly / Monthly progress reports using charts.
  9. Combination charts and Secondary ‘Y’ Axis – With detailed example.
  10. Personalised currency formats.
  11. How to create a simple unit calculator [structural steel]. You can use this logic to create any other types of unit calculators in spreadsheet.
  12. Vlookup and Hlookup.
  13. Removing duplicates.
  14. Transpose using Command as well as function [take your data from row to column or column to row]
  15. Repeat page titles in printout etc.

All these tutorials with plenty of screenshots. So if you are a working person and regularly using Spreadsheets, give it a try.


New chapter added and with New Cover!

2. a. SUMIFS & DSUM – How to Use and How they Different from SUMIF?

Author : Prashant KV
Release Date: 10 May 2017
Format : Kindle Edition
ASIN: B071S1Z7H7
Price USD 6.00

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