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How to Create a Bar Chart or Bar Graph in Google Doc Spreadsheet

Google Doc Chart Editor
Earlier we have posted a complete tutorial about creating line chart in Google Doc Spreadsheet. Now in this post we can learn how to quickly create a bar chart or bar graph in Google Doc Spreadsheet. Link : How to Create a Line Chart or Line Graph in Google Doc Spreadsheet While creating a chart or graph first we should know or...

How to Create a Pivot Table Report to Summarize Data in Google Doc Spreadsheet

Earlier we have learned how to create a Line Graph or Line Chart using Google Doc Spreadsheet. In this Google Doc tutorial we are explaining how to create a Pivot Table Report in Google Doc Spreadsheet. Without knowing the use of Pivot Table reports you can't be a Spreadsheet pro. Whether you use Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet or Google Doc Spreadsheet...

Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Google Doc Spreadsheet on Chrome, IE and Firefox

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A pro MS Excel user may find some difficulty in getting familiar with Google Spreadsheet. There are plenty of shortcut keys in Microsoft Excel. A pro user can effectively use it to complete his tasks quickly. But the number of keyboard shortcut keys in Google Spreadsheet is limited. One benefit is that lots of Keyboard shortcuts have similar functionality...

How to Create a Line Chart or Line Graph in Google Doc Spreadsheet

50 over cricket score graph in Google Spreadsheet
Learn how to create a chart in Google Doc Spreadsheet. It's so simple that any one without any prior knowledge can create useful charts online that within few minutes. Google Doc is getting more and more user friendly after its Google Drive integration and Offline access. The virtue of the integration (it's by default integrated with Google Drive) is that...


Combined Use of IF, AND, OR Logical Functions in Google Doc...

Learn how to use important logical functions IF, AND, OR in Google Doc Spreadsheet. Logical functions are very easy to use if you get...