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YouTube Watch History is Visible Even If It Turned Off

YouTube Watch History – Don’t Make this Mistake!

Your YouTube watch history is not hidden. In some cases, your YouTube watch history is visible even if it turned off. If the watch history...
Use of SUMIF function in Google Sheets

Simplified the Use of SUMIF function in Google Sheets

Before going to learn the use of SUMIF function in Google Sheets let me tell you one thing. It's a very handy function which...
resized image

Reduce Image Size on Android Keeping Aspect Ratio

I was heavily depending my laptop for blog posting where my necessary tools for blogging were installed. I was depending GIMP for Windows for my image...
middle east jobs

Best Site or Apps for Finding Middle East Jobs

There are lots of way to earn money for your living. You can do a business or become a government or private employee. These...