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10 best quotes from crime writers

Some Best Quotes from Crime Writers

The quotes of crime authors may have some mystery flavor surrounding it. It's my humble belief. Check the best quotes of some of the...
Features that Facebook Disabled

Five Features that Facebook Disabled or Changed in the Recent Past

Facebook has stood the test of time and also changed a lot ever since it launched in February 2004. Lots of features added to...
cllipsync universal copy paste

Best Free Dedicated Universal Copy Paste App for Android

Once started using universal copy paste method, you will realise the power of it. Everybody is familiar with copy and paste. But how many...
soothe your fear of flying

Take off Mode App from ANA to Soothe Your Fear of Flying

Japan's All Nippon Airways has recently introduced a mobile game application specially for frequent flyers. It's called Take off Mode which is now available...