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whatsapp tips and tricks

Exciting WhatsApp Tips and Tricks 2014/15

Learn some WhatsApp Tips and Tricks. Though there are numerous numbers of chat applications in the market, WhatsApp beats all of them with its...
Desktop Browser Remote

Use Android Phone as Your YouTube Desktop Browser Remote

There are several options to remotely control your PC using your Android phone. But when it comes to remotely control YouTube on your PC,...
Change Google Calendar Language

How to Change Google Calendar Language to English [Quick Tips]

Google Calendar is one of the best way to get organized in our busy life. If you are accessing Google Calendar from a foreign...

Get Free Limited International Call Minutes to Mobile or Land Line Numbers

You can always make free domestic and international phone calls online. But it normally requires both end must have installed the same apps and have...
Auto Copy All Incoming SMS

How to Auto Store Copy of Your Every New SMS on Google Drive

Auto copy all incoming SMS to the cloud. It's possible and the benefit, you can always have back up of your all SMS including...
universal copy paste

Copy Content from PC and Paste it Directly on Your Android Device

It's just like a magic! You can copy content from PC and instantly it will be available to paste it on your android clipboard....
Retrieve Content from a Web Site

How to Retrieve Content from a Web Site that No More Existing

How to open a dead link? You can not only open dead links and read the content but also make a deep dig in to...