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Tricky Use of Your Smart Phone Camera in Daily Life

In this android tips and tricks article, we can see the tricky use of your android smart phone camera in daily life. The idea came to my...
Vlookup and Hlookup

Vlookup and Hlookup Unearthed – Google Doc Spreadsheet

All spreadsheet users are proud to know the use of Vlookup and Hlookup, if they use spreadsheet for serious data entry. For many spreadsheet...
best quotes

Top Free Android AV with App Lock, Find Phone and Call Blocking Features

The widespread news about the ever growing android malware threat is enough for an android user to install an antivirus app. Users get panic and...
inspiring videos

10 Stunning Inspirational Videos to Motivate You

Events happened or happening in your life may be tiring for you. If you feel lost due to the unpleasant events of past or...
Best Paid and Free Wordpress Photography Themes

10 Best Paid and Free WordPress Photography Themes

I am introducing you some best paid and free WordPress Photography Themes. Hope you may find few of them worth a try. Why Photography Themes? I was...
WhatsApp Profile Pic to Cloud

Auto Save WhatsApp Profile Photos to DropBox

I use many messenger apps on my Android device and WhatsApp is one among them. I use it mainly to share funny videos and...

How to Quickly Launch Your Frequently Using Apps on Android

Earlier we have introduced a good solution to make app launching on android a child's play. With that tips you can find and launch any apps...